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CarrierConnect is a Noblus System powered service specializing in international voice wholesale services. Founded in 2003, CarrierConnect has developed a global VoIP network with coverage into over 100 international destinations with more being added daily. CarrierConnect currently provides services to PTT / Tier 1 / Tier 2 carriers worldwide and partners with over 700 carriers to terminate and originate voice traffic via Voice over IP (VoIP).

CarrierConnect utilizes a custom softswitch to route and distribute calls through VoIP interconnections to both its customers and route partners/suppliers. The softswitch is interoperable with virtually every VoIP router available, including Cisco, Nuera, Clarent, Vocaltec, Lucent, and Quintum. It is capable of both H.323 and SIP signaling and is integrated with a billing/reporting system that allows viewing of traffic reporting by both customer and vendor on a real time basis. Percentage and algorithm based routing is built into the engine allowing for real time distribution of traffic based on the highest completion rates.

Version 2.0 of the CarrierConnect Trading Platform now allows for full buying and selling of capacity for all partners of the CarrierConnect network through and advanced payment system and adds advanced functionality such as the ability for all members to field requests from the network's member base.

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