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As a US based global company, we have a fundamental interest in enriching the state of the community both regionally and globally. We offer to charitable organizations our entire range of expertise to leverage in pursuing their cause.

Please take a look at our competencies and click on apply now to contact us. We have listed general items that charities will find most useful - please let us know if there are specific items of interest.

Useful competencies

  • corporate identity design
  • website development
  • e-commerce development (fundraising capabilities)
  • publishing material design (printing available also)
  • investor presentation development
  • general IT consulting
  • outsourced sales team
  • international communications consulting

Mission: "To strengthen communities, bridge families and save lives in remote villages through information and communication technology."

Methodology: "We create and deploy innovative technology solutions that provide remote villages and the NGOs that serve them access to information technology and essential communication capabilities."

Our Part: To help this startup build financing for its charitable projects, fortunaMedia donated design services and helped inveneo launch it's corporate identity

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